In the News - Cake Boss

Ray Perales, owner of Gulf Coast Canvas Awnings was featured on TLC on Bakery Boss for his exceptional canvas awnings.  Gulf Coast Canvas Awnings installed the new awnings for Not Jus Donuts, a local bakery in the historic Midtown area of Houston, Texas.  Ray Perales will be featured on TLC on July 29th at 9pm(CST).  He got to meet Carlos “Buddy” Valastro of The Cake Boss.

Birthday Reminder:

July 29th is also the birthday of Ray Perales and his daughter Stephanie Perales.  They both will be featured on the show and will be at the viewing party.

About Cake Boss and Gulf Coast Canvas Awnings:

Buddy from Cake Boss, helps struggling bakeries to get back on their feet.  One part of the improvement includes renovations.  The entire block on Dowling was renovated by Gulf Coast Canvas Awnings. Ray Perales said, “I am just proud that my work is being recognized and that I can help local businesses.”  Ray and Laly Perales have owned Gulf Coast Canvas Awnings since 1984.  They are well known for their wholesale awnings, custom graphics, and custom installation.  See photos of their work for Not Jus Donuts.


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